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Our support services focus on you as an individual.

We tailor our services to you because we understand it is not one size fits all. Our services are designed to support you in creating the life you want, where you are in control and achieving the things you want to.

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Ways we assist you

Specialised Behaviour Support

In our Specialised Behaviour Support service, we are dedicated to understanding why behaviours occur, collecting essential data, and developing interim and comprehensive behavioural supports. We also develop behaviour support strategies that work well with the participants and their support. 


By employing evidence-based methods and working closely with you, your family, and your support network, we aim to enhance your ability to engage positively with your community, improve your overall well-being, and foster an inclusive environment that supports your growth and development.

We conduct observations, interviews and assessments to collect the evidence required to develop behaviour support plans.

We work with you to adapt your plan as you need to ensure you are always on the right path heading towards achieving your goals.

Ways we assist you

Behaviour Support Implementation

Through our Behaviour Support Implementation service, we actively work to put into practice the personalised strategies developed in your behaviour support plan. Our role is to ensure these strategies are effectively integrated into your daily life, providing you with the tools and support needed for positive behavioural change.


By closely collaborating with you and your support team, we aim to facilitate a seamless implementation process, focusing on achieving meaningful and lasting improvements in your interactions and overall quality of life.

We work by providing training to your formal and informal supports, role-play strategies with participants to ensure that they work and implement visual resources to assist with social settings and communication.

We also focus on skill building to establish replacement behaviours that serve the same function as a behaviour of concern. We focus on these skill areas: emotional regulation, social skills, communication, self-care and academics.

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